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Everyone knows about “big minerals”. These are minerals that appear on nutrient labels or are added to fine grains and sweet cereals. You can buy these as supplements in drug stores and drug stores But while magnesium, potassium, calcium, selenium, zinc and iron are all very important for your health, they are not the only minerals you can get. There are many more minerals that are arguably important for health, although we only need them in trace amounts.

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One of the most important trace minerals that you need to take is boron.

What is boron used for?

Boron for arthritis

Although boron will not be listed in any government recommendation or added to breakfast cereals, it is beneficial for the joints. Honestly, it’s probably essential for joints. It is not “necessary” that your average doctor or health officer know about it but it is essential for proper joint health and functioning. If you have any type of rheumatic disorder then there is a supplement to take boron. Boron accumulates in cartilage, bones, joints, and synovial fluid (the “oily fluid” that sits in the joints); People with arthritis have lower levels of boron in the joints.

A 1994 study found that boron intake of less than 1 mg / day increased between 20-70% in countries where the rate of arthritis was 0-10% in countries receiving boron between 3 and 10 mg / day.

And in one human test, 50% of osteoarthritis patients who received 6 mg / day had improved symptoms, compared to only 10% of patients in the placebo group.

Boron for bone health

Boron is also good for bones. It accumulates in the bones, determines how we metabolize and incorporate calcium, and helps control bone metabolism. The case report found that the bones of patients taking boron were harder and harder to cut than those of people who did not take boron supplements.

Animal studies show that boron supplementation can alleviate some of the skeletal deformities caused by vitamin D deficiency. If this is true in humans, having enough boron means you need less vitamin D for bone health.

Additional health benefits of boron

Although most people take boron for bone, joint and male hormone health, there are a number of broad benefits associated with supplements:

  • Improved wound healing.
  • Increasing magnesium absorption.
  • Increased levels of glutathione and superoxide dismutase.
  • Protects against pesticide exposure and damage to heavy metal deposits.
  • Improves cognitive function in adults.
  • Chemo preventative drugs reduce the negative effects as well as improve outcomes in various cancer animal models.

In other words, boron seems to help us deal with many of the problems we face in the modern inflammatory environment.

Taking boron supplements

Should men take boron?

Boron is one of the most reliable ways to increase free testosterone levels in men. Taking 10 mg of boron in the morning for 7 days increases free testosterone and decreases estrogen and sex hormone binding globulin – which binds to hormones like testosterone and makes them unavailable for use. It has reduced inflammatory markers HS-CRP and TNFO. Overall, daily boron intake improves hormone profiles and reduces oxidative stress and inflammation in men.

Boron seems to increase overall male vitality. In the case of male goats, boron intake increases sperm production, motility and quality. Boron goats produced more sperm and the sperm they produced was stronger and simply better. They were overall healthy, with strong immune systems and improved antioxidant capacity.

Should women take boron?

Women should also consider boron. Although an increase in free testosterone may not seem as relevant to women (although testosterone is also important for women), studies show that boron supplementation can help increase their bone mineral density and reduce menstrual pain.

How much boron do you need?

In most studies the dose is used between 3-10mg per day. It seems safe, well-tolerated and physically normal.

What is a good boron supplement?

I have used trace mineral boron drops — they are easily and seamlessly mixed in coffee or water that have no taste. These boron capsules are also good to look at.

Some people even create their own boron concentration using borax or sodium borate. This is something you use in your kitchen to kill invading ants, use as a cleaning agent or add to washing machines. It turns out that sodium borate is only toxic to humans in high doses. If you dose it correctly, you can use borax as a dietary supplement. But you have to be careful. Borax is roughly 11.3% boron, so one gram of borax প্রায় about a quarter teaspoon মূল্য would contain 113 milligrams of boron. Add it to a measured amount of water and take a small amount daily to get the desired dose of 3-10 mg.

Why should we supplement boron? Is food not enough?

In most places food is not enough. Pruning, raisins and other dried fruits are probably the best sources, followed by legumes, avocados, wine and grains. Boron soil levels (and thus food levels) vary widely and are usually supplemented to achieve physiological benefits and needs.

If you are interested, you can always Google “[your location] Soil boron levels to get an idea of ​​your locally grown food and how much boron is entering groundwater. However, since many of us eat foods grown in other regions, and the amount of boron in the diet is not really tracked, it can be difficult or impossible to determine how much boron you are getting in your diet. That’s where a supplement can really help.

Low dose boron supplementation in the range of 3-10 mg / day is physiologically normal, safe and effective. It accumulates in bones and joints when found in food and when taken in small amounts it improves hormone status, inflammatory markers and bone metabolism (among other effects). All signs indicate that boron is an important, beneficial trace mineral. I see no reason not to take boron.

Do you ever take boron? Did you notice?

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