Do you sit all day Here are 5 mobility exercises you should do!

Hi Bowl! Enjoy this guest post by my Paul Ryan of GMB Fitness as he covers a topic close to my heart and favorite: exercise of mobility and undoing some of the negative effects of an over-the-top lifestyle. Take it, Ryan.

The man sitting at the desk is smiling holding his lower back.The unfortunate fact of modern life is that many of us sit for long periods of time during the day. It’s mostly because of the office culture that we have to stay at our desk to finish our work – even if we work from home. And when you’re battling it with regular breaks, office walks, or even fancy ergonomic chairs and standing desks, it may not be enough to maintain a healthy range in your joints.

Designed for all seating fights that require your movement exercises.

If you have time for regular movement and exercise, you know how important hip, shoulder and ankle mobility is for deep squats, pullups, lunges and other full-body movements. Over time, it’s easier to lose if you don’t work actively to improve and maintain mobility. Fortunately, we can keep a healthy, functional range that you can do anywhere, starting with these five mobility exercises.

1. Backward wrist flexor stretch

The man wearing blue polo and gray pants bent his knees over the GIF four and bent his wrists.

This stretch will help open your arms and wrists after a long day of typing.

  • Kneel on a comfortable surface. Place your hands on the ground in front of you, rotating your wrists so that your fingers point toward your knees.
  • First, start with your fingers around your knees (this is easier if you are particularly stiff).
  • Now flatten the palms of your hands on the floor, smooth your buttocks towards your heels, then pulse towards your hands. That’s one representative.

Repeat a total of 10 and hold for 10 seconds at the end.

Watch the full movement on YouTube

2. Quadrilateral shoulder compression and retraction

GIFs of people wearing blue polo and gray pants kneel down and shrug and lengthen shoulders

This is good for a little movement on your shoulders and upper back.

Start with your hands directly under your shoulders and your knees just below your buttocks.

  • Start by pulling your shoulder blades together and dipping your chest down.
  • Then reverse the movement by pressing down and pulling your shoulder blades apart.
  • Do not move your hips; This is all about the upper back and shoulders.

Take it slowly and repeat for 10 total repetitions.

Watch the full movement on YouTube

3. Quadrilateral vertebral circle

GIFs of people wearing blue polo and gray pants are kneeling and making circles on their shoulders.

This exercise helps to open your back and release the spine from a stiff position throughout the day.

Start with your hands, placing them directly under your shoulders as in the previous exercise.

  • When you lower your chest, push to one side with your lath (the large muscles in your middle and lower back).
  • Pull your back up and swing to the other side.
  • Aim to form a circle with your spine while keeping your arms straight and firm on the floor.

Take your time and do 5 repetitions on one side, then 5 repetitions on the other side.

Watch the full movement on YouTube

4. Stretch the frog

Man's GIF in frog pose in blue polo and gray pants.

This exercise helps to open your hips and groin and gives you better squat depth.

Start at your hands and knees, bring your knees as far away as you can.

  • Place your buttocks between your knees and the ball of your feet, and place your toes on the ground, pointing outwards.
  • Rock back and forth in that position.

Go ahead and vibrate for 10 repetitions, allowing your buttocks to descend steadily as you gain more range of motion. Then hold for 10 seconds.

Then push your butt back towards your feet, vibrate 10 times and hold for 10 seconds.

Watch the full movement on YouTube

5. Three point bridge

The man wearing blue polo and gray pants is showing off the GIF Three Point Bridge.

This exercise is great for opening your hip flexors, shoulders and chest.

  • Sit with your butt on the floor, bend your knees and place one hand behind your back.
  • Raise your opposite hand in the air, then flex your buttocks to extend your hips to the ceiling.
  • Extend your arms back and look at your thumbs to encourage full extension of the buttocks.

Repeat 5 times and then hold the final representative for 10 seconds. Concentrate on extending your hand on the ground and feel it spread all over your body. Repeat the same procedure on the other side.

Watch the full movement on YouTube

Improved mobility means improved movement, performance and general well-being

Getting off the floor and dropping a mobility drill isn’t as sexy as an intense sprint workout or body weight circuit that makes you sweat. But taking the time every day, even for just 15 minutes, to open your body and sit for a very long time can work wonders.

Also, the 5 movements we have shown you here can be used for daily movement exercises and also as a warm-up before rigorous training. These are part of GMB’s free 15-minute mobility boost designed for people who are stiff and bruised and want a practical solution to restore and maintain their mobility.

After a training accident ended his competitive gymnastics career, Ryan moved to Japan and competed in various martial arts until another injury re-evaluated his priorities in life. As the head coach of GMB Fitness, his goal is to show everyone that you can define your own fitness as a sustainable and enjoyable part of your life. You can follow GMB Fitness on Facebook, TwitterInstagram, and YouTube.


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