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Weekly research

The evolutionary trajectory of different characteristics of different European populations over the millennia.

A ketone body suppresses colorectal cancer.

A powerful combo of sunlight, energy training, and seafood.

Decorating filters and rentals.

Remote learning has declined.

New Primal Kitchen Podcast

Primary Health Trainer Radio: Dr. Anna Kabeka

Media, Schmidia

LA is prohibited in plastic takeout containers.

Interesting blog post

What is brain fog, really?

Heat and testicles.

Social notes

2% relative risk reduction for quitting meat. Terrible deal.


Everything else

The power of human excrement.

The things I’m talking about and interested in

Again, we are right: some cattle are not better than others.

Saves speed: walking speed and aging.

Interesting article: Everything moderate or moderate everything?

More interesting article: The Myth of Primitive Communism.

Ever wonder why we are dual?

The question I’m asking

What is your favorite animal and why?

Recipe Corner

Time capsules

One year ago (April 23 – April 29)

Comments of the week

“Never grow old, never grow old.


Primary kitchen frozen bowl

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