New and Notable: What I read this week — Version 179

Weekly research

In patients with invasive breast cancer, metformin does not seem to help.

No blood test showed “long covid”.

Prevention training and mortality.

Stonehengers ate the lungs of cattle.

The gut regulates emotions in women.

New Primal Kitchen Podcast

Primal Kitchen Podcast Episode 30: Kelly Levek on Weight Loss, Blood Sugar, Cancer and Pediatric Nutrition

Primary Health Coach Radio: Kimberly Spencer

Media, Schmidia

Social media vs. “medical success” in reality.

How TRT is changing aging.

Interesting blog post

For a short time, New York was the oyster paradise on earth.

Grass crops, cattle.

Social notes


What could be worse than that?

Everything else

Is that really the answer?

Is this the oldest tree in the world?

The things I’m talking about and interested in

Unknown region: Genetic embryo testing (and selection) here.

Good idea: walking team for men (and women, in this regard).

Interesting article: Rebound COVID after using Pavloxid.

Surprising: More eggs, less metabolic syndrome.

Rough quote: “The weight of the animal evidence compellingly shows that it would be unethical for a pregnant or lactating person to include high linoleic oil as the only source of fat in a random diet because it will lead to optimal baby development”

The question I’m asking

What are your summer goals?

Recipe Corner

Time capsules

One year ago (May 21 – May 27)

Comments of the week

“I hate small talk, I see no benefit in it …”

– Try asking questions. This is a better way to frame.

Primal Kitchen Pizza Sauce

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