New and Notable: What I read this week — Version 181

Weekly research

84% diabetes remission using an app.

The Most The “grain” fed to animals is inedible to man.

Lipid energy model.

Fasting is well tolerated and helpful for patients with type 2 diabetes.

Can low dose arsenic exposure be hermetic?

The combo of high fat and high fructose is particularly bad for glucose tolerance.

New Primal Kitchen Podcast

Primal Kitchen Podcast: Becoming Irresistible With Bethany Hamilton

Primary Health Trainer Radio: Kyle Christina and Daniel Gronich

Media, Schmidia

New Zealand plans to calculate the barrage of cattle and sheep (and the charges for farmers).

Excellent coverage of different ways to lose weight than calorie counting.

Interesting blog post

Why was the steam engine not invented before?

What is American cheese actually?

Social notes

Carnivorous cereals.

The same.

It is True.

Everything else

Outside of meat, is it more scandalous than we already know?

A no-brainer to avoid artificial fragrances.

The things I’m talking about and interested in

Sons are also rising: the grandchildren of China’s pre-revolutionary elite are doing very well for themselves, despite being discriminated against and their property seized.

I believe it: school shooting drills do little to increase safety but increase frustration and mental illness.

An interesting study is underway: What effect will exogenous ketones have on colon cancer patients?

Love the language here: Plant-based food stocks lack sustainable finances.

Interesting research: The origin of chicken.

The question I’m asking

How is inflation treating you?

Recipe Corner

Time capsules

One year ago (June 4 – June 10)

Comments of the week

“Again: dealing with rising food prices … buying less of the” treats “we don’t really need. Otherwise, we’re doing what we’re doing. We’re eating the cows we bought in November. Eating vegetables from the greenhouse most of the year. Heating wood to save money elsewhere which we cut and split and get AC with solar panels on hot days. Yes, we are lucky but we have made some fortunes. “

– “We made some of our fortunes”: OK!

Primal Kitchen Avocado Oil

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