No inspiration to do anything? The reason is here.

Meet Raoul.

Or, frankly, the pre-epidemic Raul.

He started his days with green tea and made most of his food from scratch, just below the corn tortillas. He also goes to the gym five days a week.

Avatar Raul is waving hello.Like many of us.

Raul’s life changed during the epidemic.

Fortunately, her loved ones are OK. And his job is safe. (Fuff.)

However, when his gym closed, he took a short break. It’s been a long hiatus, and now it looks like he’s just … on hiatus.

In addition to the workout to anchor his days, other habits were also exposed.

She replaced her morning green tea with a doom-scrolling session on Twitter.

Like an old lover, he thinks of home-made food from time to time, but in reality does not To do Something with them.

Instead, he relies on takeouts (and donuts, if he’s being honest) as his main source of calories, usually eaten in front of the TV.

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Why can’t Raul inspire himself to do what he once did so easily?

(And why can’t many of us do the same thing?)

In this story we reveal the amazing answer, using what happened to Raul and his friend Chen as metaphor. In the end, you’ll be able to:

  • Understand your current struggles (If you are related to Raoul) And
  • Strengthen your fitness and nutrition effortsরাংSo they remain intact (or mostly intact) during the rise of future life.

Before the epidemic, Raউl’s world was more or less stable and predictable.

It helped him সম্ভবত perhaps more than he understood-to maintain his fitness and nutrition habits and even see the gains month after month.

Most nights, he slept like a bear in January and his stress was low. After all, life was pretty good.

Avatar Raul stands at the top of a solid pyramid of fitness, nutrition and stress management in a peaceful environment.


The plague shook the ground beneath everyone’s feet.

Raউl’s sense of well-being was replaced by a broader background of uncertainty: was it safe to go out? One mask or two?

His crossfit box closes, and his work moves from a dynamic “Let’s Steam Off with a Nerf Gun War” office to a terrifying-quiet-home-alone environment.

Her weekly family dinner was interrupted; She can’t risk getting her parents or her Grandma Sick

Even basic things like looking for chicken breasts or toilet paper in a chicken shop weren’t so sure.

As a result, Raউলl felt incredibly stressed.

Her sleep has begun to decline, her anxiety has increased and the habits that seemed so normal now seem almost impossible.

Avatar Raul falls from the crumbling pyramid while the ground beneath him is shaking.

If you’re related to Raoul, we’re going to share some insights that can help you feel better. However, before we do that, we want to introduce you to someone who measured the epidemic a little differently.

Meet Chen.

Avatar chain is waving hello.

Like many of us, Chen had his struggles during the epidemic. For the most part, however, he surfed in those rocky waters with admirable strength and resilience.

She too Advanced (What ?!) In some areas.

Throughout the year he reads one book a week.

He has learned to make talk.

He deepened his walk-based friendship with a friend in the neighborhood.

He taught himself French.

Tell us your privacy, resilient person.

Before the epidemic, like Raoul, Chen was adept at planning and preparing healthy meals and prioritizing vigorous exercise.

Unlike Raoul, Chen also practiced a variety of stress-regulating, recovery-based strategies:

  • He had A tough sleeping routineAnd knew how to calm his mind when he noticed that it was chewing anxiously.
  • Practiced regularly Eat consciouslyHas been tested Breathing techniques And, on really bad days, Journal To pick his thoughts.
  • He had A realistic, but positive mindsetChallenges are seen as opportunities to develop, learn and grow self-empathy.

These sleep, stress management, and recovery-related habits helped Chen maintain his health and fitness. Not only that When life seemed predictable and easy, but Also When the toilet hits the fan.

Avatar Chen stands on top of the solid pyramid of fitness, nutrition and stress management while the ground beneath it shakes.

When the epidemic disrupted life, Chen had many coping strategies.

Frankly, Chen experienced some bad epidemic days.

He sometimes felt fear and pressure.

Like all of us, she retreated to her bedroom for some (okay, more than a few) ugly cries.

He woke up a few mornings wondering if the pants worked.

Yet, compared to Ra রাl, Chen felt less overwhelmed and more capable.

And, his healthy habits have remained in most places.

The end result: in some ways, Chen feels stronger than before.

Raoul, meanwhile, seems to be digging himself out of the rubble.

The avatar chain stands on top of the solid pyramid and throws the life-saving avatar at Raul, who is standing next to the pyramid.

When it comes to health, most people focus on exercise and nutrition.

But Raoul and Chen’s example shows, Sometimes fitness and nutrition are not enough.

To support fitness and nutrition habits বিশেষ especially in times of great unrest in life (like an epidemic) – most people need hard sleep, stress management, and recovery skills.

The pyramid shows how fitness is on top of nutrition, which is on top of stress management, sleep and recovery.

If your habits break down during an epidemic (or any other stressful life event), it doesn’t mean you’re lazy or broken.

Rather, your sleep foundation, stress management and recovery skills may not be strong enough to support your nutrition and fitness.

Strengthen your sleep, stress and recovery base now, and you’ll increase your chances of achieving and maintaining your health and fitness goals, whatever your worldviews.

(Disclaimer: When your Earth Richter becomes 7.0 you will still hit and fight and cry, but you will come back soon.)

Below, we’ve got a little primer to get you started.

Use these resources to manage difficult things

We do not promise that these tools will fix everything, but they can help you gain some positive momentum and decide what to do next.

Worksheet: Focus on what you can control – not what you can’t.

Many of us are familiar with the prayer of peace that warns us to accept the things we cannot change, the courage to change what we can do, and the wisdom to know the difference.

Easier said than done, right?

These small exercises can help. By sorting your concerns into three categories, you will gain Perspectives really need to be abandoned As well as things that are beyond your control Do something (If you choose) About what is in your control. By constantly focusing your attention on your “I got it” zone, you will feel more empowered and less anxious.

Infographic: Use the dial method to scale your health and fitness habits up and down.

Many people think of their healthy habits as an on / off switch. They are either exercising every day অথবা or they are not exercising at all. They’re eating the whole meal 100% of the time বা or just not bothering.

You get the idea.

This Think of all-or-nothing As your days, weeks, months or years go by, it becomes harder and harder to keep up. (BTW: It can also increase your risk of depression and anxiety.)

To get rid of this destructive mentality, you will want to practice the opposite: Flexible thinking.

Our infographic can help you think about your healthy habits such as a dial on / off switch instead. That way, you’ll be able to adapt to your habits (without abandoning them altogether) when life feels busy, out of hand, hairy, or all of the above.

Worksheet: Try a quick self-empathy.

Self-pity (You give yourself the same kindness to a friend) can help reduce frustration, anxiety, stress and self-criticism, research has shown.1

This worksheet takes you through a brief exercise to try it yourself. You will be amazed at how being kind to yourself (instead of beating yourself up) can dramatically change your feelings.

Worksheet: Showcase your win.

This tool can help you find and build your brain WinAlthough small. You’re probably doing more accurately than you realize. See how many small successes you can see in one day. Count even the smallest effort (“I’ve done a wall pushup!”).

Exercise: M.Towards The goal you can achieve.

Many feel they need to be felt Inspired Before taking action — but life does not always work that way. (To the point: How inspired were you to get out of bed this morning?)

A good strategy: Get in the habit of taking action regardless of your level of motivation. Conduct conduct. So by doing something, even if it seems very trivial, you are creating positive momentum.

We challenge you to look for small opportunities – what we call “5-minute action” – to create a little more recovery and resilience today. Even the small steps taken today can lead to a brighter future.

Here’s how to get started

If you’re currently related to Raoul, our list of assets might make you think, “Oops, I have something more to do now ?!”

This is normal. It can be scary to work on new things when you feel like you’re just pulling yourself off the sofa.

Remember: this doesn’t have to be a huge project. For now, just.

  • Read through the list
  • Choose a resource that you find attractive
  • Spend five minutes reading or working on a worksheet


Tomorrow, you can spend another five minutes, either continuing with yesterday’s resources, or choosing another one to explore.

When you feel ready, decide how to apply what you have learned in your life.

This is how you build a strong foundation. Brick by brick.

Avatar Raul and Avatar Chen both stand on top of their own solid pyramid and give each other high-fives.


Click here to view the information source mentioned in this article.

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