Nutrition and mental health: what (and how) to eat

Across the internet, you will find magical-sounding solutions for anxiety, depression, brain fog and fatigue.

Eat these ancient mushrooms! Wear these crystals! Hang upside down!

Just feeling good was that easy.

Focusing on just one meal or supplement is like wearing a raincoat that only covers your left shoulder.

It is not enough to help you in the stormy weather of life.

First, only responsible for nutrition Part Images of mental and emotional health.

Things like exercise, stress management, sleep, social support and a sense of purpose are also important for feeling balanced, strong and capable.

Second, mental and emotional well-being depends A lot From various nutrients A lot Different foods.

(That one ancient mushroom Is not Treat your nutrition.)

In the infographic below, you’ll find ways to create an enhanced mental and emotional health “raincoat” – one that is durable (and full body).

If you are a coach …

Remember your practice opportunities: You cannot recommend certain foods, drinks, or supplements as one Treatment For depression, anxiety, or any other medical condition. For that your client doctor.

Here’s what you can do.

  • Support clients as they put their doctor’s advice into practice
  • Listen with curiosity and empathy when clients tell you about their struggles
  • Let clients know about supplements that can help এবং and encourage them to discuss that information with their doctor.
  • Recommend known dietary patterns to improve mental and emotional health

Download this infographic for your tablet or printer And follow the steps to create a diet that helps you think and feel better.


If you are a health and fitness pro …

Learning how to help clients manage stress and optimize sleep can drastically change your clients’ results.

They will become “unstacked” and eventually move on — they want to eat better, move more, lose weight or regain their health.

Also, it will give you confidence and credibility as a specialized trainer who can solve the biggest problems by blocking clients’ progress.

Brand new PN Level 1 Slip, Stress Management and Recovery Coaching Certification How to show.

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